Paw Patrol: Miss or Treat

Try the Paw Patrol: Miss or Treat game and practice your aim! Can you throw all the tasty treats inside Marshall's bowl and feed the cute puppies?

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About Paw Patrol: Miss or Treat Game

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Put your quick reflexes to good use in the Paw Patrol: Miss or Treat game! Marshall and the Paw Patrol pups are excited to get some tasty treats. However, they need some help getting the food inside the bowl. Will you join them for this mission and show off your amazing precision?

Having a good aim is very important for a rescue squad member! Your job here is to fire the treats inside the Marshall's bowl. However, the clock is ticking, so you have to hurry! How many points will you score before time is up?

How to Play

First things first, you have to understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need for this challenge is your mouse. Just wait for the machine to aim in the right direction, then click on the screen when you're ready to shoot! That sounds easy as pie, right?

Your goal for this mission is to fire as many treats as you can into Marshall's bowl. Aim correctly, practice your throw, and see if you can reach the target! Just be sure not to rush, or you might completely miss the right trajectory! Will you be able to give the Paw Patrol pups their beloved treats?

Do your best to follow the guideline and try not to miss your shot! Remember that your treats won't make it inside Marshall's bow if you aim too high or low. The key to getting all the bones, meatballs, and other tasty meals to the puppies is to wait for the right moment. When the timing is right, all you need to do is shoot!

Are you aiming to set a new record? If so, remember that the clock is ticking, so don't waste any time! The more shots you miss, the longer it'll take you to score enough points. However, you can keep practicing your throw as long as you need until you complete the mission!

It's time to show off your agility and precision! Join Marshall and the rest of the Paw Patrol, and improve your aim by giving the pups their favorite treats!