Diego's Railroad Rescue

Help Diego bring all the animals home in Diego's Railroad Rescue game! Get them loaded into the train, follow the map, and arrive at the destination!

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About Diego's Railroad Rescue Game

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Don't you love playing with animals? If so, you have to give Diego's Railroad Rescue game a try! Hop on the train and get ready to save all the creatures from the zoo! Can you help Diego get them all loaded in and bring them back to their homes together?

This adventure is tricky like a puzzle, so you must pay attention at all times! To get all the animals into the train, you must first match each group to their corresponding box cars. After that, you will have to follow the map toward each destination. Are you confident you can guide all the creatures safely to their homes?

How to Play

Let's head out to the Animal Rescue Center! To help all your friends get on the train, you need to use your mouse. Tap on the arrows to look at the boxcars, then click on each animal to get them all loaded inside. Drag and drop all the creatures into the train, then prepare to begin your journey!

Your main goal for today's mission is to help the white-tailed deer, emperor penguins, tapirs, and other animals get back to their homes. To do this, you must first take a look at each wagon. Remember that every boxcar has a picture and a number on it! Find the one that matches the animals you see, then get them all loaded inside the vehicle.

Once all the creatures are on the train, it's time to take them back to their homes! Are you prepared for the long journey ahead? If so, you must be very careful, because you have to read the map first.

Before you arrive at each destination, you must first put together the pieces of the road. The train tracks are split up just like parts of a puzzle. To complete your journey, you must get them in the correct order by tapping on each square. Can you connect all the pieces and get the animals home safely?

What are you waiting for? Diego is waiting for you at the Animal Rescue Center! Join your friend and help him get all the creatures back home safely!