Diego's Dino Flyer Rescue

Join Diego and help a family of dinosaurs in the Diego's Dino Flyer Rescue game! Can you fly in the sky with the mommy Pterosaur and save all her babies?

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About Diego's Dino Flyer Rescue Game

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Are you excited to learn more about dinosaurs? If so, you have to give Diego's Dino Flyer Rescue game a try! It seems that mommy Pterosaur's babies are lost, and she needs your help to find them. Join the cute explorer, use Diego's tracker to your advantage, and save all the tiny dinosaurs!

It's time to fly high in the sky and look for the missing babies! Follow their trail on your device, collect the coins, and the baby dinosaurs will be closer and closer. Just make sure to watch out for any danger and stay safe! If you're a skilled rescuer, the mission will be over in no time!

How to Play

Did you always want to see what it's like to fly? Luckily for you, all you need is your mouse to try! Move your cursor across the screen to guide Diego through the cloud circles, and your friend will follow. Doesn't that sound easy as pie?

Your task for today's mission is to find all the baby Pterosaurs. Their mom must bring them back to their nest, and she needs your help. Will you hop on her back and fly toward the cute dinosaurs? Just keep your eyes open and make sure not to miss any of the babies!

The challenge contains three different stages, but the goal remains the same. Can you find all of the baby Pterosaurs by the end of the mission? Just make sure to grab some gold coins as well. These will help you earn a high score and set a new record!

Remember that there are many dangers on the way to the dinosaurs, so do your best to stay safe! Watch out for any clouds, especially the dark thunder ones. If you run into them, the screen will become shaky, and it'll be hard to stay on track!

Now that you understand the mission, it's time to get going. Will you join Diego and fly through the sky together? Hurry up, the mommy dinosaur must find her babies soon!