Safari Rescue

Can you save the animals from an evil curse in the Safari Rescue game? Join Diego, explore the Safari, and play your magic drum to free all the creatures!

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About Safari Rescue Game

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Are you ready to join Diego and save all the Safari animals together in the Safari Rescue game? A mean magician has used his magic powers to turn all the creatures into objects! Now, all of them have become trees, rocks, and bushes. Will you lend the brave explorer a hand and use your magic drum to stop the evil spell?

It's time to begin your journey across the Safari! To help Diego and Erin the Elephant undo the magician's spell, you must travel to The Dry Forest, The Lake, and The Giant Rocks. Look for the bewitched animals and use your drum to break the curse. Just remember to pull all the dead trees blocking the way, or you might get stuck!

How to Play

Let's head out on this fantastic adventure! To help Diego save the animals, all you need to use is your mouse. Click on the elements around you to break the curse. Once it's time to play the drum, tap on each color and play your song! 

To complete your quest, you must travel all across the Safari and put an end to the evil spell. Head off to The Dry Forest, The Lake, and The Giant Rocks, and search everywhere for the animals. Remember to tap on any tree, rock, or bush you find because you never know where the creatures are hiding!

Your mission won't end so quickly because you must play the magic drum and break the curse! Listen to Diego's song, then perform each sound again to stop the evil magic. Play the tune correctly, and the animals will return to their original form! 

Don't worry if you make mistakes, because you can always try again! You can keep trying and improve your skills until you successfully rescue all the creatures. If you complete your quest, you will also obtain some new pages for your field journal. How cool is that?

There's no time to lose, so hurry up! Diego and Erin the Elephant must put an end to the magician's evil plan! Can you rescue all the animals and save the day?