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Learn more about eight fascinating animals with the Field Journal game! Diego will show you his database of videos, sounds, and even footprints!

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Improve your skills as an animal rescuer with the Field Journal game! Wildlife is a fascinating subject, especially when it comes to exotic species from various habitats. Can you think of a better teacher than Diego? He will show you his field journal. Using his experience as a brave animal rescuer, he has put together a database. Get ready to learn more about some magnificent animal species!

The game allows you to meet eight animal species. Diego will let you watch a fun video on his tablet, showing how the animals look in their natural habitat. Then, you can hear the sounds they make and see their footprints. Learn how to use his laptop and become a ranger, just like our hero, Diego!

How to Play

Diego's field journal is so easy and fun to use! All you have to do is use your mouse to click on all the buttons. Don't worry if you don't know what to do at first! Diego will explain every step and encourage you along the way!

Which animal do you want to learn about first? You have eight exciting options: jaguar, sloth, macaw, chinchilla, llama, emperor penguin, anaconda, and tree frog. We know it's hard to decide, they are all so cute! 

You can browse through the options by clicking on the square buttons in the center of the field journal. Browse through all your options by clicking the arrows to the left and the right!

There's so much to learn! For each species, you can watch a video in the player at the top of the screen. Just click play and listen to Diego's explanations! Next, take a look at the footprint of the animal, so you can help Diego find it in the wild! Naturally, you'll also need to recognize the sound the animal makes in the wild. Try to recreate the animal calling when Diego encourages you to!

Congratulations on your interest in the animal world! Now you are one step closer to becoming an animal rescuer, just like Diego! As a reward, you can print out information sheets that double as coloring pages. This way, you can build your Field Journey in real life! Who thought a game could be fun, educational, and creative at the same time?