Fiercest Animal Rescues

Join Diego on an adrenaline-filled adventure with the Fiercest Animal Rescues game! Find out if you're brave enough to help a grizzly and a gorilla!

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Embark on a perilous and exciting journey with Diego in the Fiercest Animal Rescues game! Have you ever wanted to get close to dangerous animals? Unlike real life, you can do this safely in this virtual animal rescue challenge.

Diego will be by your side the whole time, teaching you how to interact with the ferocious beasts. This trip will teach you a lot about animals while also raising your adrenaline levels!

The game consists of two missions: saving a gorilla baby and helping out a grizzly bear. However, you'll have to drive to the animal's habitat as well. Therefore, you'll have to ace both the car ride and the rescue itself to win. Are you ready to try?

How to Play

The first step to rescuing ferocious animals is getting to their natural habitat. Luckily, Diego has a helpful Rescue Rover that he can use for that! Driving it isn't as hard as it seems in this game, as the vehicle moves forward automatically. All you have to do is move the cursor to the left and right to swerve and avoid obstacles!

Once you arrive at the location, you still have to solve a puzzle to help the feral animals. Are you brave enough to work with ferocious creatures? You'll have to untangle a baby gorilla from a bunch of colored ropes under the watchful eye of a panicked gorilla daddy. To succeed, use scissors to cut the strings in the correct order by color.

After rescuing the gorilla, journey to the forests of North America! There, you'll have to heal an injured mummy grizzly bear. Can you create a path of stones to reach her, then take out the splinter in her foot? The challenge is to select the stone that matches the silhouette highlighted by Diego.

There's more you should know!

Have you noticed the differences between the two habitats? The forests of North America have many logs, while the African roads you'll explore are rocky and dangerous. Make sure you don't crash against them, or you'll damage the Rover!

On the other hand, you should gather the orange Rescue Rover Packs to increase your speed. Moreover, you'll also come across Rescue Badges, representing the animal in the current mission. Gather as many as you can to improve your final score and prove you're a skilled animal rescuer!

Adventuring with Diego is so much fun! Besides learning a lot about wild animals, you'll also improve your agility, reflexes, and concentration. Prove that you're brave enough to become an animal rescuer by lending Diego a helping hand!