Rain Forest Adventure

Explore a fascinating place and take photos of the animals in the Rain Forest Adventure game! Can you help Diego put together an album of exotic species?

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About Rain Forest Adventure Game

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Don't miss out on the Rain Forest Adventure game if you have a passion for wild animals! Diego and his pals will take you on a fun adventure through the jungle. Here, you'll get the chance to volunteer for the Animal Rescue Center.

Can you give our adventurer hero a helping hand? He has to fill up a book with photos of various wild animals. Join him for a thrilling race among the vines and trees!

The game consists of three levels, each one more fast-paced than the previous. Can you navigate the paths in the wild rainforest while photographing all the animals? Prove you are agile and brave in a classic Diego adventure!

How to Play

The rainforest can be a dangerous place. Luckily, Diego has all the necessary skills to survive in this environment. However, you should still control your adventurer carefully. To move through the forest, simply use the Left and Right Arrow keys. If you want to jump on a platform or vine, press the Space Bar. That's all you need to know to find your way through the jungle!

Keep an eye out for the animals on Diego's list! Whenever you see one of them out in the wild, stop by for a few moments to take a photo. Can you catch all six species on film? Whenever you get close to one of them, their picture will light up on the left side of the screen. That's so helpful!

You won't find just animals in the jungle! Diego will also come across plenty of fruits, as well as some coins from an ancient treasure. Try to collect as many as you can! The fruit will give you a speed bonus while collecting money will grant extra points at the end of the level. Besides, if you pick up enough power-ups, Rescue Pack will give you a power-up that makes you fly!

As you might have realized by now, speed is of the essence for any animal rescuer. It'll be hard to collect all the photos and get to the rescue center before the time runs out. However, if you manage to do it three times in a row, you'll become a Master Rescuer. It's so fun and thrilling to learn about the wildlife in the rainforest with Diego!