Purple Monkey Rescue

Practice your math skills during a thrilling adventure with the Purple Monkey Rescue game! Jump from bubble to bubble by comparing and adding up numbers!

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About Purple Monkey Rescue Game

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Brush up your math knowledge with the Purple Monkey Rescue game! You have the chance to help Team Umizoomi on an impressive mission. Milli, Bot, and Geo have to rescue their purple primate friend from the top of a skyscraper. How will they reach such a high place? You'll have to use your math skills to help them out!

This challenge consists of multiple stages, each testing a different basic math skill. Ellie, the elephant, will blow up bubbles that our heroes can use to reach the Purple Monkey. However, the trick is that each bubble contains a number. Team Umizoomi needs your help to navigate through all the numbers by identifying, comparing, and adding them up. Milli, Bot, and Geo make practicing math a thrilling adventure!

How to Play

As the brains of this rescue mission, the only tool you'll need to use is your mouse. After listening to the math question, you only need to click on the correct answer. Congratulations, now the team can jump o the bubble and get one step closer to their objective!

There are three main tasks that you need to perform in this game. A friend from Team Umizoomi will read it out loud, making it easier for you to follow along:

- First, you'll have to identify one and two-digit numbers.
- The second level tests your comparison skills. Do you know how to use and understand the symbols for greater than and less than something?
- Finally, you'll have to add up two numbers and click on the bubble with the correct result. It can be tricky, but it's also so much fun!

Now, you're close to rescuing the mischievous Purple Monkey! You'll find it at the top of a high antenna, unable to jump back down. Help him by building a colorful ladder! The secret is to observe the pattern of colors. What comes next? Choose the red, blue, or green rings to complete the ladder and save Purple Monkey!

As you can see, Team Umizoomi's challenge will help you practice a wide range of math skills. Team Umizoomi will cheer you on and give you hints whenever you need help! In the company of Milli, Bot, and Geo, math is a fun activity, and they'll make you feel like a real superhero!