Bot's Silly Fix it Game

Become an Umifriend by helping correct errors in Bot's Silly Fix it game! Find many unusual things in Umi City to help Bot, the robot in team Umizoomi!

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About Bot's Silly Fix it Game

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Don't miss out on the Bot's Silly Fix It game if you want to prove you have a good eye for details! Your favorite robot companion has just invited you for a fun adventure around Umi City. As you know already, Bot is the smartest superhero in Team Umizoomi, and he can calculate anything! Are you ready to join him and earn your spot as a certified Umifriend?

It seems like some things went wrong with Umi City. Someone has hacked into the system and changed some details around the city. There are five of them in each location you'll visit. Your job is to help Bot find all the errors and correct them before it's too late!

How to Play

Before you start clicking, take a little time to look at all the objects in the city. In the beginning, everything might seem normal. However, if you pay more attention, you can find bizarre items mixed in with the regular ones. For instance, you can notice that a bus has a window made out of cheese. It looks so funny!

Hover your cursor over all the various buildings, vehicles, and any other object that you can find. Whenever you see something strange, click on it! Now Bot will spring into action and use his Arms Extendo superpower to replace the strange object with a correct one. That move is so impressive! 

Bot will also tell you how many mistakes you have to go. What is more, he'll even offer you a helpful hint if you get stuck. Just concentrate and try not to get discouraged! Team Umizoomi makes every task educational and very entertaining!

Can you find all the mistakes in the city? If you're patient and pay close attention, you can fix all the problems and become a hero of Umi City. You'll even get a certificate to reward you for your work. Alongside Bot, Milli, and Geo, you'll go on amazing adventures while brushing up on important skills!