Invader Zim: The Doom Game

Help Invader Zim accomplish his mission in The Doom Game! Control Zim and his companion GIR, avoid obstacles, and gather items to complete the tasks!

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About Invader Zim: The Doom Game

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Invader Zim must accomplish his mission in the Doom Game! The alien knows that the only way to invade the planet and enslave the human race is by gathering all the necessary tools! However, he can only do that with the help of his robot servant GIR. Can you give the two a hand?

Your purpose in this game is to collect the items Zim needs, avoid dangerous obstacles, and complete all the missions successfully! Both aliens have different ways of approaching their task, so once you get used to each style, you'll succeed in your adventure!

How to Play

You'll have to take control of Zim and GIR to finish all the missions. To control either character, use these buttons:

 - 1/2: Switch between Zim and GIR.

 - Arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - Spacebar: Zim attack.

As Invader Zim, you can activate switches that will open doors and pathways for you. He can also attack the alien monsters that roam the house's rooms. However, he must avoid food, family members, puddles, and bee hives.

On the other hand, GIR is hungry and ready to eat all the food around the house. The little robot must also avoid the family members, or he will get injured. One particular detail about GIR is its battery! Once it runs out, the robot will rest for ten seconds before it can resume activity.

If you want to keep track of your missions and how many you've completed, click the flag button. The game is over as soon as you run out of health or finish all of Zim's missions!

Will you help Zim fulfill his mission of invading our planet? Only you can bring Earth its salvation or doom!