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About Po's Awesome Appetite Game

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Help Kung Fu Panda eat all the food before it crushes him in Po's Awesome Appetite game! Po's enemies are sending tons of food his way in hopes of overwhelming him. Can you help the panda by organizing it into groups of two or more items of the same type? This way, he can eat faster and survive this adventure!

The game is a puzzle challenge where the goal is to clear blocks from the screen as fast as possible. Keep an eye out for groups of two or more blocks of the same type! Double click any of the blocks from the group to clear it out! Are you fast enough to save Po?

How to play the game

Making matches is easy as pie in this puzzle game! Start by taking a close look at all the blocks currently on screen. Do you see a group of two or more items of the same type? Click any of the blocks in the group to highlight all adjacent pieces of the same kind! Next, select the block again to clear off the entire group!

The key to scoring points in this game is making quick and effective moves. A helpful tip is to find bigger groups by checking out rows, columns, and diagonals for potential matches.

Planning also helps! For instance, you can clear out a few smaller groups to create a large cluster of blocks of the same kind. Smart!

Whatever strategy you adopt, make sure you don't get overwhelmed! A new row of blocks will appear automatically at the bottom of the screen. 

What else you should know

As you progress in the game, blocks will appear more frequently. When the columns of blocks reach the top of the screen, the game is over. Yikes!

Score more points by taking advantage of special blocks when you see them! You can recognize them by the distinctive red and yellow pattern. Double-click the block to unlock a special effect!

For instance, some bonuses will remove some or all of the surrounding blocks, while others can clear out an entire row with just one move. It's such a fun and easy way to score some points!

No matter how fast you can match, the columns reach the top of the screen sooner or later, and the game is over! How many points have you managed to score this time? Impressive! Keep practicing to improve your matching abilities!

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