Prove that you're worthy of becoming the Dragon Warrior!

Don't miss out on the Kung Fu Panda Games if you're a brave warrior longing for adventure! Do you believe that you will fulfill a great destiny? Then step inside a universe inspired by ancient China and prove that you are worthy of being a Kung Fu Master!

The DreamWorks Animation series allows fans of all ages to discover the Valley of Peace, a mystical realm populated by talking animals. It's hard to believe that it appeared in 2007!

The whimsical premise of Kung Fu Panda will awaken the hero within you. It's impossible not to relate to its unlikely protagonist, the giant fluffy Panda called Po Ping! Despite his boring job at the noodle shop and his clumsy nature, Po's biggest dream is to become a Kung Fu Master. 

Because of his perseverance and enthusiasm, Po will accomplish his destiny and become the Dragon Warrior! Would you like to accompany him on his journey?

Hopefully, you're ready for some intense training! In his quest to master martial arts Po will have to become swifter, smarter, and stronger. 

However, he can't face the dangers ahead without gathering a team of talented Kung Fu warriors to help him. They'll defeat terrifying villains and restore order in the Valley of Peace by working together. Follow their journey to experience an epic hero's journey!

Train with Po and the Furious Five!

First, you should meet Po Ping, a giant panda who loves noodles and Kung Fu! Our protagonist starts his journey as an unsure and fearful bear. However, with the help of Master Shifu, and friends, Po's good heart and confidence come out.

Our hero becomes a better warrior and person as a result of his ambitions and efforts! Follow him in the Tales of Po game to witness his journey! 

In spite of his many talents, Po needs constant support from his crew to defeat his enemies and accomplish his goals. Make room for the Furious Five, a group of fierce Kung Fu masters! 

It's impossible to miss the bold Tigress! The feline is the strongest and bravest of the crew. Besides, her Kung Fu moves are awe-inspiring! At first, she is skeptical of the clumsy Po. However, in time, the Panda has discovered a softer side of the Tigress!

What is that green creature with long limbs? Defying his small size, Mantis has an even bigger temper than his tiger teammate. Quick on his feet, impulsive, and outspoken, he doesn't let anybody hurt his friends!

Watch your pockets! Monkey shares Po's love for humor and pranks! Even if he might seem playful and funny, this swift Kung Fu master can be cunning and unpredictable in battle.

Like our main hero, Crane began as a simple janitor. However, his talent and passion for Kung Fu bring him the title of Kung Fu Master. Besides, all the challenges along the way made him very sarcastic too!

Don't be fooled by Viper's looks! The master of Snake Kung Fu is a toothless snake that can seem menacing at first glance. Despite her cold blood, Viper has a warm heart and compassionate nature. 

Become faster and smarter with Kung Fu Panda Games!

As you might have figured out by now, a Kung Fu Master must develop many skills and qualities. If you decide to join Po in his training, adventures, and battles, you'll have the chance to gain some of the traits of a Kung Fu Master. How exciting!

From a physical point of view, warriors need to have lightning-fast reflexes. Defeating an enemy requires concentration, agility, and reaction speed! Luckily, there are many challenges that can help you. For instance, you can practice basic and advanced fighting skills with Po in The Adversary game!

Don't forget that a sharp mind must match an agile body! If you want to outsmart your foes, you'll need to practice thinking on your feet. After all, the brain needs to be trained, just like a muscle. Prove your wits by beating puzzles like Po's Awesome Appetite game!

In conclusion, becoming Dragon Warrior isn't easy. Beware! Many evil villains and dark secrets lurk in the Valley of Peace. Can you gather your strength and defeat them? Po and the Furious Five will join you as you try. 

Even if you don't succeed at first, persevere! Surely you'll have a ton of fun and learn new things with the Kung Fu Panda Games!

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