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Experience the Legend of Awesomeness with Kung Fu Panda and the Furious Five in the Tales of Po game! Become a martial master through their adventures!

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Relive one of Kung Fu Panda's best adventures in the Tales of Po game! As you know, the Legend of Awesomeness follows Po's training to become a Dragon Warrior. He'll need to beat up many enemies and overcome plenty of obstacles! Can you give him a hand? His team of Furious Five warriors is also by his side. Together, you'll help Po become a master of martial arts!

The game consists of 12 levels that illustrate the best parts of Po's adventures. For each stage, you can pick your preferred difficulty. Decide between the Easy, Medium, and Dragon Warrior difficulty levels! Once you put together a dream team of two characters, you're ready to face any challenge!

How to Play

Teamwork makes dreams work! Before heading out on your first adventure, you'll need to pick two of the six main characters in Kung Fu Panda. You'll play the role of the first one, and the second will have your back. Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Monkey, and Mantis are at your disposal. Study each character's stats and levels carefully before making a decision! If you consider their health, power, range, and speed, you can create the perfect team!

The first level is a tutorial that will help you get familiar with the moves. To make your character run, use the Left and Right arrow keys. Are you ready to attack? Just press the Z key for a swift punch!

If you want to deal more damage, choose a slow and string attack by pressing the X key. You also have the Ranged Chi attack at your disposal by pressing the C key. Be careful, as it will deplete your Chi meter!

Be careful! You'll encounter many enemies with different abilities through Po's journey. Can you adapt your strategy to the number and type of foes? To survive their attacks, press the Space Bar to block their blows. 

To prove your martial arts skills, use combos! They look more impressive and deal even more damage than regular attacks. For instance, use the Z key three times swiftly to perform a Quick Combo. As you advance through the game, you'll discover more powerful kung fu combos!

There's more you should know!

Have you noticed all the urns? Break them open to reveal valuable rewards! For instance, noodles will replenish your health. What is more, the gold ones will grant you an extra life or revive your teammate! Besides, you can also collect gold and silver coins. Invest them at the Training Temple to become even more powerful!

After finishing a level, your character will level up. If you want to prepare your hero for the next adventure, you should also visit the Training Temple. Here, you can spend the coins you have earned! The silver ones will help you increase a character's stats. On the other hand, you can use gold coins to buy Secret Scrolls and unlock new moves!

Relive Po's most thrilling adventures in this game! You'll have the chance to become a master of martial arts while having tons of fun. With so many levels and skills to discover, you'll spend hours adventuring with Kung Fu Panda and the Furious Five!