The Adversary

Practice your reflexes, and your Kung Fu moves in The Adversary game! Can you help the Po win a one-on-one match against a perseverant training dummy?

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Become a master Kung Fu warrior by practicing alongside Po in The Adversary game! If you are a fan of this panda hero, you know that training is the only path to becoming a better fighter. Luckily, practicing with Po is a fun and silly experience that will surely make you smile!

The game consists of multiple rounds of one-on-one fights against The Adversary, a training dummy. Defeat him to level up and move on to the next stage of your training! Can you prove your sharp reflexes and resilience in this challenge?

How to Play

Don't worry if you aren't a master of martial arts in real life! This game makes Kung Fu moves fun and easy. Po will follow your cursor to move around the ring. Make sure you keep your distance from the Adversary! Besides, if you keep moving around the battle area, you'll maximize the power of your blows.

Once you're ready to attack, get close to your opponent and click! You can see how much damage you've just dealt to the training dummy by glancing at the health bars at the bottom of the screen. If you manage to deplete the Adversary's health before you run out, Po will win the match.

The tricky part is that the dummy will also fight back! After each of your blows, your foe will bounce against the closest wall of the ring. In his rebound motion, you might get hit if you don't move! Therefore, be swift and anticipate your opponent's moves to knock him out before the two-minute timer runs out!

What else you should know

You can't defeat the Adversary unless you take advantage of the power-ups! However, you can't pick them up by just walking over them. Instead, you'll have to knock your enemy over the power-ups to collect them. Calculate the angle of your blow carefully to take advantage of bonuses! 

Every power-up is different! Some will give you extra time, like the hourglass. Others increase your health, protect Po with a shield, or make him faster. You can even unlock special Kung Fu moves.

Are you hungry? Fortune cookies will give you extra points!

Don't forget that you can also discover rare bonuses! If you're lucky enough to see them, try to grab them before it's too late! For instance, they can make you invincible or give you a ton of bonus time.

You'll also encounter hazards in your training! We're talking about ninja spinning stars and even sand storms. As opposed to power-ups, you should avoid them at all costs! They will slow down the protagonist.

What is your final score? The more you practice, the higher Po's level will be. Besides, he'll develop more impressive skills! The Adversary is a fun and powerful training tool. Don't miss this opportunity to train with him!