Enter the Dragon

Give the Enter the Dragon game a try and become a martial arts master! Fight the demon lord Ke-Pa and do your best to stop the villain's evil plan!

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About Enter the Dragon Game

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Are you ready to become a Dragon Warrior in the Enter the Dragon game? The demon lord Ke-Pa has regained his powers, and Po needs your help to stop him. Join your cute friend, fight against the villain, and show off your kung-fu moves! Now is your chance to become a martial arts master!

Your mission is to go against the evil Ke-Pa and defeat him! To win the battle, you'll have to overcome three different challenges and train your skills. Start off by regaining your chi, then make your way toward the final match! Do you have what it takes to save the day?

How to Play

Before you begin the battle, you have to understand the basics. To guide Po around each area and dodge all attacks, you must press the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Once it's your turn to hit the enemy, just grab your mouse and click to shoot! You can even tap the Spacebar and perform some powerful combos!

In the first mission, you have to collect enough chi orbs until you are strong enough to fight Ke-Pa. Remember that the villain is right behind you, so you have to watch out for his attacks! If you get hit or fall down three times, it's game over! Will you be able to overcome this challenge?

The second stage consists of a battle against the demon lord. The hero's chi is yours, so use it to shoot toward Ke-Pa! Just be sure to watch out for his attacks. Keep dodging and stay safe, and victory will be yours!

Finally, it's time for the last fight! Hop on the villain's back, and reach his head to knock him down for good. Just be careful not to get hit by his evil minions! Do your best to perform various attacks, and show off your impressive moves!

Hurry up because the battle is about to begin! Po needs you to stop Ke-Pa's plan, so use your martial arts and fight against the evil lord. Can you take down the villain and become a kung-fu legend?