Paw-Some Panda

Become a martial arts master in the Kung Fu Panda: Paw-Some Panda game! Join Master Po, fight the training dummy, and improve your skills together!

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About Paw-Some Panda Game

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Join The Dragon Warrior and become a martial arts master in the Kung Fu Panda: Paw-Some Panda game! Master Po Ping hasn't gained his powers overnight. To improve his skills, he has to keep practicing every day. This time, you have the chance to join him for a training session! Are you up for this challenge?

In this fighting mission, your main task is to help hone the panda's kung fu skills. Face the training dummies, perform some powerful combos, and defeat all the opponents! Watch out because even if they're dolls, they can surely fight back! 

How to Play

Get ready and channel your inner kung fu fighter! Follow the instructions on the screen and use your keyboard to attack. Press the Spacebar to throw some punches, then tap the Left and Right Arrow keys to dodge! Some attacks can even be blocked if you push the Down Arrow! 

Master Po Ping has prepared multiple stages for you to show off your skills! For each round, you will face a new and stronger opponent than the ones before. Do your best to hit the dummies and avoid all incoming attacks! 

If you're aiming for a high score, you should pay attention and try not to get hit! The amount of points you earn depends on how many punches and combos you manage to throw. If the opponent hits you three times, it's game over, and you will have to restart the mission from the beginning! 

Do you have what it takes to become a kung fu master? Join your furry Kung Fu Panda friend and get ready to start your training! Fight the dummies and improve your skills in this fun challenge!