What are the most popular The Loud House Games?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Welcome to The Loud House
  3. Linc in Charge
  4. Super Brawl Showdown!
  5. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  6. The Loud House: Cartoon Creator
  7. Nick: Basketball Stars
  8. Nick Racing Stars
  9. Soccer Stars 2
  10. Clean-o-Clock

What are the best The Loud House Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Welcome to The Loud House
  3. Linc in Charge
  4. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  5. The Loud House: Cartoon Creator

Everyone is welcome in the family!

Play The Loud House Games if you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of a very large family! Are you an only child? Do you have just one or two siblings? Well, now you have the chance to become part of a family of eleven!

It's no wonder that The Loud House has been a huge success since it was launched in 2016. In fact, this American animated television series has revived the famous channel, Nickelodeon, and brought it back to its former glory. What is the recipe for success?

To begin with, show creator Chris Savino has stated that his chaotic life growing up in a huge household was the inspiration for this series. Naturally, viewers of all ages have related to the bizarre and extremely loud characters. Let's meet them!

On the first hand, we need to start with Lincoln Loud. Why? Obviously, he is the only boy out of the eleven siblings. Can you believe that he has five younger sisters and five older sisters? This otherwise average eleven-year-old boy has to face many adventures in his day-to-day life. Especially given the fact that the Loud house only has one bathroom. For instance, unwanted makeovers and exploding science experiment are daily occurrences in this home.

Unsurprisingly, Lincoln is extremely busy trying to solve daily problems. Thankfully, he is an extremely resilient boy who loves his sister and always has a plan. Nevertheless, he enjoys reading comic books in his underwear, just like any other boy. Join him on a tour of the house with the Welcome to the Loud House game!

Do you really have 10 sisters?

Hurry up, let's meet the ten sisters! Obviously, it's going to take a while! At seventeen, Lori Loud is the oldest child in the family. As you can imagine, she uses this fact to assert authority over her younger sisters. Sometimes this makes her quite unlikeable, especially if she is yelling or babbling on the phone. However, Lori is well-loved by the young ones. Join in as they plan an event for her in The Surprise Party game!

Moving on to Leni, we must say that she is the typical sixteen-year-old. For example, she is naive, ditzy, and loves the mall. Nevertheless, her sweet personality and creativity save her from any sticky situations.

Can you guess who the loudest sibling is? I'm talking about Luna, the fifteen-year-old wannabe rock star. Can you keep up with her happy and wild personality?

The fourth eldest sister, Luan, is a regular joker! As you can expect, she keeps everybody on their toes with her puns, pranks, and comedy routines.

Can you keep up with the sporty tom-boy, Lynn? The thirteen-year-old is competitive, athletic, and strong. However, she can be quite sensitive and feminine sometimes, especially with her sisters.

At the young age of eight, Lucy is as gloomy, mysterious, and cynical as can. Beware, as she can pop out of nowhere and scare you!

Let's meet the twins, Lana and Lola! Believe it or not, they are opposites! While Lana enjoys getting her hands dirty, Lola is a sharp-tongued beauty queen.

Next up is Lisa! Surprisingly, this young member of the family is also the smartest? However, she doesn't shy away from fun either, as you can see in the Extreme Cardboard Racing game.

Last but not least, baby Lily brings the entire family together!

Friendship and fun are fundamental in The Loud House Games!

Now that you know the sisters, you can imagine why Lincoln would be lost without Clyde McBride! He is an only child and Lincoln's best friend. Like most boys their age, they have bonded over comic books.

However, Clyde has become part of the Loud family over time. Despite his allergies, asthma, and many phobias, he manages to keep up with the fast pace of the Loud family. In fact, he even has a crush on Lori, the oldest sister! Psst, don't tell anyone!

Speaking of crushes, Lincoln has one too. Meet Ronnie Ann, a tough eleven-year-old with a taste for pranks! As some young girls do when they like someone, she started to pick on Lincoln. Later on, the pair develop a strong friendship based on their love for skateboard and video games. Who knows where things might go in the future? You can see her and Lincoln in action in Lincoln's List game.

As you might have guessed, pets are allowed and welcomed in the Loud household! Charles, the American Pit Bull terrier, Cliff, the black cat, Geo, the dwarf hamster, and Walt, the yellow canary, are just some of the critters you will see around the house. Aside from the family pets, let's not forget that Lana has many reptile friends, and Lisa prides herself with her own bat!

Play The Loud House Games if you ever feel lonely! The rowdy energy of its members will make you feel alive, despite the quarrels and misunderstandings that come with it. Are you brave enough to step inside the Loud household and take it all in?

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