Let's play with rockets, computers, and spaceships!

Any kid passionate about science can't miss out on the Jimmy Neutron games! Even if you aren't the biggest fan of STEM subjects in school, you might change your mind after spending a few days with the hero of this series. In the company of Jimmy Neutron, you'll have the chance to use your new-found knowledge to fight aliens while also having a blast!

Can you believe that the idea for this clever Nickelodeon show arose in the 1980s? The creator, John A. Davis, came up with a brilliant idea for a short film called Runaway Rocketboy. Unfortunately, he abandoned it for a while until he decided to give it another shot in 2001.

It was a hit! Therefore, he changed the name to Jimmy Neutron and created a computer-animated science-fiction movie that promotes science and adventure to young kids. Because of the film's success, Jimmy Neutron became a three-season Nick series. What is more, computer games, toys, and merch came out to satisfy the requests of fans of all ages!

The series, focused on the life of an 11-year-old genius, follows Jimmy's adventures in Retroville. Besides the day-to-day challenges of being in middle school, he also has to put up with alien invasions. For some reason, Jimmy's hometown is targeted by bizarre invaders often, and the young boy and his inventions are the city's only hope! Aren't you excited to join in on his adventures?

Meet the boy genius and his pals!

Chances are you've never met anyone like Jimmy Neutron before! Did you know that he has built a lab to explore his passion for science and outer space? As you can imagine, his favorite hobby is designing and creating new inventions, which he often tests on his pals. Believe it or not, he even built his robotic dog, Goddard!

However, when it comes to the social challenges of being a tween, Jimmy Neutron has the same problems as any other kid. For instance, he is always fighting for the attention of Cindy, his crush!

The blonde cutie who lives across the street from Jimmy is called Cindy Vortex. She used to be the best girl in class before she moved here. Now, Jimmy has taken her place! As a result, she tries to one-up the genius as often as possible.

However, in the end, the two will join forces and become a couple, focused on fighting evil. You can see their funny and competitive dynamics in the New Dog, Old Tricks game featuring their pets.

Any genius needs a best friend! Carl Wheezer is the opposite of Jimmy, with his simple mind, large frame, and lack of courage. However, thanks to his loyalty and kind heart, he completes Jimmy and helps him in his adventures. In turn, Jimmy helps his asthmatic pal feel included and have fun!

Another member of Jimmy's crew is Sheen Estevez. Like Carl, Sheen isn't even close to Jimmy in terms of brains. Nevertheless, the boy's high energy and quirks sometimes help Jimmy solve big problems. Unexpected! Play the Backyard Smashball game to see this unlikely group of pals at work playing baseball!

Jimmy Neutron Games uncover your hidden potential!

Hanging out with smart and talented people will push you to become better! At the same time, if these people are also adventurous and funny, you'll also have a ton of fun!

In his fight against alien invaders, one of Jimmy's most important abilities is his intelligence. However, he needs to practice daily to keep his mind sharp. Join him for a puzzle that will challenge your wits in Jimmy Neutron's In-Genious Word Search game!

Besides brains, you'll also need physical abilities to keep up with the aliens! Precision, agility, and speed are just a few abilities that you'll need if you want to use Jimmy's inventions. Moreover, a ton of training will help you get lightning-fast reflexes and improve your endurance. With so many fun and quirky devices in the lab, you're going to live through unusual and exciting adventures, like the Jimmy Neutron in The Big Freeze game!

Become a resident of Retroville and take part in a science-fiction spectacle fit for all ages! Testing both your physical and mental skills, Jimmy Neutron games will help you discover new abilities and improve those you already have. Besides, you'll also wow your teachers with the impressive science facts you'll gain. Have fun and learn with Jimmy and his pals!

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