Retroville Rescue

Play the Retroville Rescue game and save Cindy from her bubble trap! Help Jimmy and Timmy collect the necessary pieces while avoiding the evil robots!

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About Retroville Rescue Game

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Join Jimmy and Timmy in their quest to save Cindy and collect all the pieces for the Debubbleotron Device in the Retroville Rescue game! Oh no! Professor Calamitous has trapped the young girl in a giant bubble! Only a particular weapon can pop the bubble and release her, so Jimmy and Timmy are on it! Will you help them gather everything?

Your main task in this game is to search and collect all the necessary batteries, gears, and springs for building the device while avoiding dangerous robots! Only a brave hero can save Cindy, but in this case, we have two! Jimmy and Timmy team up for their first adventure together!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to collect all the items and build the Debubbleotron Device. Here are the controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - A: Break tiles.

 - S: Trap your enemies.

 - Spacebar: Switch between Jimmy and Timmy!

At the same time, avoid Professor Calamitous' evil Magnetomozoids at all costs as you walk around grabbing the items. They will zap you and make you lose one of your chances! You can only run into obstacles five times before it's game over, and you won't be able to save Cindy anymore! You can also trap them in a bubble and destroy them to avoid getting caught!

You can use wooden crates to cover potholes or harmful tiles! Push it in the direction you want by walking into it. If there are items on top of the boxes, don't worry! They are easy to climb! Use the crates to your advantage and create the perfect path!

Besides the Debubbleotron pieces, you can also grab some bonus items scattered around the map! The powerups can vary and offer you extra time or even a speed boost which helps you finish your job faster!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you build the weapon and release poor Cindy from the Professor's evil grasp? Let the adventure begin!

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