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Save Dimmsdale from extreme boredom on the last day of school in the Rhythm Revolution game! The Despicably Dull Duo has turned the town into the most boring place on Earth! Kids will run to their favorite playground and candy store as soon as school is over, but everything is dull and grey! Will you manage to help Timmy restore fun in his hometown?

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Your only task in this game is to help Timmy bring back the color and excitement of Dimmsdale through a rhythm game! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of rhythm challenges and you have impressive eye-to-hand coordination! Time to send the DDD on their way!

How to play the game

You will need your keyboard to save Dimmsdale from its fate! Here are your controls:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move from one side of the map to another.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch behind objects.

 - All arrow keys: Press to match the rhythm when kid-ifying the places.

 - Spacebar: Press when the indicator flashes green and enter a new space.

Hp and Anderson will turn Timmy into a dull boy if they see him when moving around. He needs to hide behind tall items to avoid detection. When he gets transformed by the DDD, he won't be able to enter any of the kids' favorite places.

When moving to the rhythm section of the game, you only need to zap the black and white items. They will award you points and fill your magic meter. There are some objects you shouldn't zap, like the YoYo, ice cream, and a slingshot! When those appear on your screen, press nothing.

When the magic meter fills with all the points you collected, Wanda and Cosmo will fully kid-ify the place. Try bringing fun and color to one place, then move on until you've done that to all of them. Your ultimate goal is to reach the school!

Are you ready to become the hero of Dimmsdale and transform it into the perfect playground? It's time to shoo the boring away!

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