Fairies of Fury

Play the Fairies of Fury game and help Timmy become the best fighter in Dimmsdale! Learn all the moves, throw some punches and win against all opponents!

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About Fairies of Fury Game

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Throw some good punches and join Timmy in his journey to becoming the best fighter in the Fairies of Fury game! Timmy once again has wished for something incredible! He wants life to be more like his favorite fighting arcade game! Now Timmy has big muscles, and everyone in Dimmsdale wants to fight! Can he survive all the fights and become the champion?

Your main goal in this game is to learn all the moves, kick some serious butt and win every round! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of the classic 1vs.1 fighting games that require skill and quick reflexes! Let's punch them out!

How to Play

Win every fight just by using your keyboard. Here are how the controls work:

 - Right/Left arrow keys: Move around the map and avoid getting hit.

 - Up arrow key: Jump over your enemies.

 - Down arrow key: Block their attacks.

 - A key: Punch your opponent.

 - S key: Kick your enemies.

Feel free to choose the mode you most enjoy before starting the fights! Here are your two options:

 - Arcade Mode: Select your hero and the opponent.

 - Tournament Mode: Choose your fighter and go against all the other characters!

You can select your character before the start of a fight! Each has a special attack that will inflict more damage on the opponents. For example, Timmy throws his trusty cap at his enemies while Vicky shoots a laser beam with her hands. You need a three keys combo to launch each character's special attack!

Remember to pay attention to your health bar! Each kick, punch, or special attack will damage you differently. Make sure your health bar doesn't deplete, or you will lose the round. You have two chances to win against your opponent before it's game over!

Are you prepared to fight all the villains in Dimmsdale and claim victory? Punch and kick until they drop!