Fairy Freeze

Play the Fairy Freeze game and help Timmy eliminate all the Summer Fairies. Wait for them to gather, then spread your magic to create chain reactions!

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Stop the warm attack of the Summer Fairies upon the beautiful Winter season in the Fairy Freeze game! Timmy Turner loves playing in the snow and sledding down the hills of Dimmsdale! However, the Summer Fairies are up to no good and trying to turn Winter into a warmer season. Only Timmy and Jorgen's magic can stop that from happening. Will you join them in their quest?

Your goal is to hit as many Summer Fairies with your magic as possible and save the Winter season from their warmth! You cannot miss this game if you enjoy challenges that require quick thinking and strategy! It's all about the chain reactions, so test your magic and show everyone how you do it!

How to Play

You can use your mouse to guide the wands and spread your magic. Move around the screen with your cursor, and when enough Summer Fairies gather in one spot, click to cast your spell! It's simple, but to get to the next level, you must create a chain reaction!

You will need to eliminate a certain amount of Summer Fairies at each level. Try waiting until they fly close to each other, then spread your magic. If the small explosion around them touches another fairy, it will explode too. Make sure you have the correct number of fairies before casting your spell!

You only have three chances to eliminate the right amount of Summer Fairies from the wintery town. If you miss it, even by one, you'll lose one life. After three attempts, it will be game over, and you'll have to restart from level one!

Can you save Winter from the warm grasp of the Summer Fairies before it's too late? Time for a little bit of icy magic!