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Throw a party and show off your moves in the Nick Dance Machine game! Choose a background and music, then invite your favorite characters to your bash!

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About Nick Dance Machine Game

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The Nickelodeon gang of friends can't wait to have fun at the party in the Nick Dance Machine game! It is a well-known fact that the Nickelodeon characters are good dancers, and a party is a perfect opportunity to bust some moves on the dancefloor! With your help and creativity, the dance party can start! Are you ready to throw an impressive bash?

Your job in this game is to organize a fun party for all your Nickelodeon friends and create the best dance group! Once you find the perfect place to throw the party, choose a playlist, and invite all your favorite characters. It's time to let loose and have fun!

How to Play

To organize the dance party, use your mouse. After choosing the background, music, and characters you want in your group, you can click and move them around the space. If you'd like to resize the characters and make more space for other friends, click on the arrow in the corner and drag them in or out.

The bar at the top of your screen lets you pick a funky background image, like a cornfield, the beach, or even a plate of pickles. Next is the music, which ranges from hip-hop, reggae, or a good old country ballad. When you've finished choosing everything and invited all your favorite Nickelodeon friends to the dance party, it's time to name your talented group!

You don't have to keep all the fun to yourself. If you click on the Share icon, you can copy the link and send your Nickelodeon dance party to your friends. Once they join you, your impressive bash will become the talk of the town!

Will you throw the best party and show off your cool dance moves to the Nickelodeon gang? The fun won't stop as long as the music keeps going!

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