Pups Save Their Friends

Play the Pups Save Their Friends game to complete three exciting rescue missions in the company of Ryder's team! Help out the residents of Adventure Bay!

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About Pups Save Their Friends Game

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Become a part of an adorable team of puppies in the Pups Save Their Friends game! Now you have the chance to explore Adventure Bay and lend a hand to your puppy pals in three thrilling missions! You'll get to know the residents of the Bay and assist them with important tasks. It's an exciting opportunity!

The game consists of three missions, each with different protagonists and a new goal for you. Can you rescue Chickaletta, recover Cap'n Turbot's binoculars, and recover the lost baby turtles? The best part about this game is that you can do them in any order you like!

How to Play

Let's meet up with Marshall and lend a hand to all the lost baby turtles! You'll have to help the fire-fighter pup look for all the baby turtles. Find them in the maze-like forest. Can you track down all 20 babies?

Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to navigate around all the rocks and logs. At the end of the mission, you'll have to help Rubble drill down to fill the turtle's new pond with fresh water. They're so happy now, thanks to you and the Paw Patrol team!

Do you hear the scared sounds made by Chickaletta? She is stuck in a crevice and needs Skye's help! To go rescue her, you need to use the Up and Down arrow keys to control the height of Skye's flight. If you want more adrenaline, press the Right arrow key to make her fly faster. Don't forget to collect treats to charge up her energy and gain some points!

What is more, you can collect feathers to become even faster and perform tricks! Finally, Chase will lower Skye into the crevice to bring the unlucky chicken back to the surface. Mayor Goodway will thank you!

There's more you should know!

In the last mission, you need to find the Cap'n Turbot's binoculars at the bottom of the sea! Zuma, the water-rescue pup, has to dive very far down to locate the lost object! Direct her by pressing the Left and Right arrow keys to avoid all the fish and obstacles under the sea. If you want to swim faster, use the Down arrow.

While you're down there, gather some treats to give Zuma an energy boost! Bubbles will also help you become even swifter underwater! Rocky will put the binoculars back together and give them to the Captain. 

Play with the Pups to celebrate their victory! With such adorable and brave heroes to save the day, no task is impossible! Everyone in Adventure Bay is glad to have the reliable Paw Patrol team around!