Play the Pup-Fu game and test your mind with a martial arts challenge! Can you break all the wooden boards and help the Paw Patrol pups earn their belts?

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About Pup-Fu Game

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Start your martial arts training and complete the puzzle in the Pup-Fu game! The Paw Patrol puppies are trying to earn their Pup-Fu belts, and they need your help to solve each challenge. Are you ready to break some boards and put your mind to the test? If so, lend the pups a hand and help them move up to the legendary gold belt!

Let's begin the training session! Your job is to break the wooden boards ahead, then help Marshall and the puppies earn their prizes. Find all the sets of items with the same color and complete each puzzle! Are you prepared to show off your impressive memory and matching skills?

How to Play

Before starting the challenge, you should understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need here is your mouse. Your main task is to click on the groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color. When they break, your meter will start to fill up!

Your friends from the Paw Patrol have prepared 6 unique stages, each for a different pup. Start with Zuma, help Rocky, Chase, Rubble, and Skye, then assist Marshall as he gets his gold belt.

Remember to keep an eye on the meter at the left corner of the screen! Once it is full, you'll get to reward the puppies with their new belts.

What else you should know

To earn points even faster, you should look for areas with multiple of the same boards. However, you should watch out for the fire tiles. If you click on them, Chickaletta will appear and break entire rows in one move! How cool is that?

There's no time limit here, so you don't have to rush! Take your time to look at the boards and find all the sets. As you keep playing, your memory and thinking speed will surely improve. Now is your chance to test your mind and become a Pup-Fu master!

It's time to start the mission! The Paw Patrol puppies are prepared to begin training, so help them master the arts of Pup-Fu. Will you be able to make it all the way to the gold belt?