Paw Patrol: Catch that Robot

Give the Catch that Robot game a try and get ready to save the city! Join the Paw Patrol squad and complete the missions to defeat the giant robot!

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About Paw Patrol: Catch that Robot Game

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Are you ready to become a hero and take down the villain in the Catch that Robot game? Your favorite animated pups need your help to save Adventure Bay from an evil robot. However, a meteor is powering up the machine, and they must find a way to destroy it and save the day! Are you ready to join the team and keep the city safe together?

This is an action-packed adventure, so you must act fast! First things first, you'll have to reunite the team. Can you use your skills to save Everest, Rocky, and Chase? After that, it's time to head off to Adventure Bay and go after the evil robot!

How to Play

Let's start with the basics. Use your mouse and tap on the screen to jump and avoid obstacles. When it's time to build the bridges, click on each item to grab it, then drag and drop it in the right spot. Sounds easy as pie, right?

Help the Paw Patrol puppies and complete the three missions together! To overcome them all, you'll need to showcase your agility and quick reflexes. Are you ready to collect the recharge pods, build bridges to make it to the city, and run after the evil robot? If so, it's time to begin your adventure!

Remember to always watch out for obstacles like tree trunks or holes in the ground! If you hit them, you'll bounce behind until you can leap past each hurdle. However, the ice ramps will help increase your speed so you can get back on track. Simply jump on them, and you'll be flying high in the air!

Luckily there is no time limit here, so you can take it slow and learn to use all the tools. Have you ever used a hammer or screwdriver before? If not, Marshall and the puppy squad are ready to show you all the various tools in their kit! Doesn't that sound fun?

There's no time to lose! The city is in danger, and the Paw Patrol pups need your help. Can you rescue them all and take down the giant robot?