Block Party: Game Shakers Edition

Play the Block Party: Game Shakers Edition and compete in a new strategy board game! Navigate the board and play mini-games to advance and win!

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About Block Party: Game Shakers Edition

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Babe, Kenzie, Trip, and Hudson are ready to compete in a fun strategy board game in the Block Party: Game Shakers Edition! Each of the four game creators wants to claim victory in this virtual version of a classic party game! However, they also need to test their new product and can offer a chance to play and make your own custom game boards! Are you ready for this fun challenge?

You need to pick a character, navigate the game board and play mini-games to advance and claim victory! If you're feeling creative, you can even make your own funky board, then test it out with your new Game Shakers friends! Use your skills to win mini-games and take the lead!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to navigate the board. First, choose your favorite game creator to play as. Then, roll the dice and see how many spaces you'll move forward. Try to get ahead of the other players and use the different types of tiles to your advantage. You'll be the first to make it to the end with the right strategy!

Each tile has a different function and can help you move forward or send you back! Here's how they work:

 - Blue: Buy and activate an item against the other players.

 - Yellow: Gain coins.

 - Green: Random chance action that can send you forward or backward a few spaces.

Between rounds, all players will have to play various mini-games. Each has its rules and controls, but the winner always gains an advantage. Depending on what place you get, you'll be able to move one, two, or three spaces forward, creating distance between you and your opponents. However, you'll be stuck on your tile if you end up in the last place.

Lastly, you can create your own map to change the game's pace. Just follow the instructions and design intricate game boards to try out with your new friends. It's up to you what challenges you'll face before reaching the finish line, so make it fun!

So, will you be able to claim victory and beat the Game Shakers at their own game? Let's find out together!

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