Race to the Top of the World

Play the Race to the Top of the World game and seize the first place prize! Race to the finish line, avoid the obstacles, and be the fastest driver!

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About Race to the Top of the World Game

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Join the Monster Machines and participate in a thrilling competition in the Race to the Top of the World game! Blaze and his friends were going to take part in a race when a whirlwind carried them away. Now, they need your help to get back on track. Will you join the team and help your buddies get to the finish line first?

Get your engine ready for the biggest race ever! Your job is to travel to every location and help the Monster Machines complete all parts of the competition. Just be sure to watch out for obstacles along the way, or you might fall behind! Do you have what it takes to win the first place prize?

How to Play

Before you begin the competition, you have to understand the basics! Press the Left and Right Arrows on your keyboard to change lanes and avoid the obstacles. When it's time to repair your ride, just click on the pieces to pick them up. After that, all that's left is to drag them into place!

In the first mission, you must hop inside a hot air balloon and fly over the pyramids. Can you collect enough golden tires and build up your blazing speed? Just keep in mind: you need hot air to go up and cold air to go down. After that, you'll visit the Eiffel Tower and race down it to arrive at the following location!

For your second challenge, you have to fix an old pirate ship and use it to cross the ocean. This mission is just like a puzzle, so it will put your mind to the test. Find all the missing pieces, fill in the empty spots, and get ready to set sail! Remember that there are enemies at sea, so you must use your cannon to blast them away.

Finally, for the last stop, you must get to the top of the world! Can you drive up the snowy mountain and be the fastest racer? If so, keep an out for speed boosts because they will help you stay in the first place! After that, all you need to do is blaze to the finish line!

What else you should know

Be careful because there are many dangers throughout the race! For instance, the storm clouds and whirlwinds can slow you down as you float through the air. Additionally, watch out not to hit any rocks or bumps in the road because you can waste precious seconds! Luckily there are ramps and power-ups you can use to catch up and increase your speed.

Get ready to practice your aim because you have to use the cannon! Choose the right trajectory, and remember that your cannonballs will shoot on a path through the air. If you aim too high or too low, you won't be able to hit the enemy ship!

Now that you understand the basics, it's time to begin the race! Are you ready to join Blaze and the Monster Machines on their adventure to the top of the world? Showcase your speed, and win first place!