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Try out the Nick Block Party game and hop on board with the Nickelodeon characters! Throw the dice, win every mission, and earn as many coins as you can!

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Do you enjoy playing board games with your friends? If so, give the Nick Block Party game a try, and make sure you end up victorious! Can you beat the Nickelodeon characters in a friendly match?  Think of your strategy, throw the dice, and show them what you've got!

Get ready to hop on the board and put your luck to the test against your buddies! Choose your character, then pick two opponents from Sam and Cat, Tuff Puppy, iCarly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and other famous cartoons! All you need to do is score the most Gold Coins at the end of each round! Go ahead and roll the dice, and outsmart your enemies through each challenge!

How to Play

To begin the competition, you have to understand the basics. Your first move is to click on the dice and find out how many spaces you can hop over. If you get lucky and land on a blue dot, you can earn some coins! Wait for your opponents, then do your best to show off your moves and win the tournament!

Now, it's time to select your player! You have all sorts of options, from SpongeBob and Michelangelo to Sam or Carly; the choice is up to you! After that, you get to choose a board to play on based on your favorite cartoons. Select a place, pick your preferred amount of turns, then get ready for the battle!

When you successfully earn 20 blue coins around the board, you can exchange them for a golden one. At the end of the tournament, only the player with the most gold coins will become the winner! Because of this, you have to focus on the goal and win all the puzzles, trivia, and mini arcade games! Your friends will surely be impressed with your skills!

The gameplay is very straightforward, but you need to be careful and think of a winning strategy! Do you know everything about the Nickelodeon characters? Sometimes you will land on a space that will ask you a random trivia question. Answer it correctly, and you might just earn some bonus coins!

What else you should know

At the end of each round, you will have to spin the wheel and play a quick mini-game. Each one is different, but one thing is for sure. The winner takes all the prizes! Pay attention to the instructions, and do your best to earn as many coins as possible!

If you want an extra chance to secure your win, it's time to exchange your currency! At the power-up shop, you can purchase all kinds of boosts with your blue coins. Your options include a double or triple roll, coin movers or stealers, or even a chance to freeze your opponents! Doesn't that sound exciting?

Well, it's now time to prepare for the tournament! Defeat your opponents and show off your skills in the big battle! Just throw the dice, and get ready to make your move!

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