House of Anubis: Uncovered Secrets

Help Eddie look for clues to use against a great evil in the Uncovered Secrets game. Search the House of Anubis and complete puzzles to solve the mystery!

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About House of Anubis: Uncovered Secrets Game

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A new mystery awaits in the Uncovered Secrets game! Eddie just began a new semester at the House of Anubis when a vision of a girl warned him about great evil. Now, he needs to help her look for clues around the house that will stop the malefic forces. Can you join them in their search?

Your role is to help Eddie look around his room and the rest of the House of Anubis until the vision has enough items to stop the evil. However, you will need great attention to detail to find everything. Also, there will be some other challenges that will put your problem-solving skills to work!

How to Play

For every challenge you will face, you will only need your mouse! Read the items list, look around the rooms, and just hit your Left Click to pick it up when you find something. The same goes for the other challenges. With the controls so simple, you will only have to focus your mind on the task ahead. Isn't it great?

There are three types of challenges you will have to complete:

 - Find the Clues: Look around the rooms and find every object on the list.

 - Find the Matching Cards: Look through the cards and form pairs until you have none left.

 - Rearrange the sequence: Memorise the arrow's position and rearrange them.

Each challenge will test your attention and memory, so remember to stay focused. By completing each one, you will be one step closer to revealing the mysterious evil!

Lastly, remember you have a limited time to find all ten clues. If that runs out, you will have to start all over. However, you will have a helpful tool to make things easier. If you can't find something, you can hit the lightbulb icon and get a hint. You have only one per room, so use it carefully!

Are you ready to enter the House of Anubis and start the search? Let's see if you can find all the clues and learn about the upcoming great evil.