Mean Clean Zombie Brains

Fight the zombies and clean up in the Mean Clean Zombie Brains game! Use your skills, defeat the evil creatures and protect the Monsters vs. Aliens cast!

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About Mean Clean Zombie Brains Game

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Defeat the evil creatures and clean up the mess in the Mean Clean Zombie Brains game! Your friends from Monsters vs. Aliens have gotten themselves in a tough situation, and they need your help. Link and Bob had a crazy plan to clean up faster, but instead, they have summoned a bunch of zombies!

Your job here is to help your buddies shoot and defeat all the monsters before they can get caught! Choose your favorite character, grab your weapon, and defend yourself! Show off your fighting skills and see how long you can last against the waves of zombies!

How to Play

Luckily you can battle against the creatures with just a mouse! Control your hero and shoot at the right time by Left-clicking on the screen. Just aim at your target and keep tapping until it is defeated! Don't let the enemies get too close, and react as quickly as you can!

The first step is to choose your favorite character to play as. You have a total of 4 options: Susan, Link, Sqweep, or Bob. Each one has different skills, so make sure to consider those as well. If you're not pleased with your choice, don't worry because you will be able to change after each wave is complete!

How long can you last before the zombies take over? There are multiple waves of monsters awaiting you. Do your best to finish each challenge, and help your Nickelodeon friends clean up! The more you progress, the stronger the monsters will get, so prepare for a challenging mission! 

What else you should know

For each level, you will have a total of three lives. Do your best to pay attention and react fast, or you will lose health quickly! If you run out of chances, you will have to restart the game from the beginning. Still, don't get discouraged because, with each replay, your skills will keep getting better and better!

If you need some help, pay attention to the bonus items that show up on the screen. Depending on your luck, you can either gain a double score, make a small explosion happen, slow down the zombies, or even earn an extra life! Sometimes you will be able to summon one of your friends on the field to help defeat the enemies! 

Now that you know the basics, are you prepared? Your friends from Monsters vs. Aliens need your help to complete the mission! Lend them a hand, defeat the zombies and have fun together!