Poop Deck Draw Down

Try the Poop Deck Draw Down game to join SpongeBob and his friends for some rounds of cards! Can you get through every hand without getting zapped?

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SpongeBob and his friends are here to play some cards, and they want you to join them in the Poop Deck Draw Down game! However, their card game is a little more electric than others. Do you think you're a match for the SpongeBob SquarePants cast and come out on top?

Your role is to make as many pairs of cards as possible and try not to get zapped! Pay close attention to your opponents, and see if you can be the last person standing at the table. Also, fast reflexes are a must if you want to win, so keep that in mind!

How to Play

The card game that you will play it's pretty straightforward. But before you learn the rules, you should get through the controls first! Use the mouse to pick a card you want to discard and to pick up the spatulas on the table. It's a fast phased game, so you should keep your eyes wide open. So far, it doesn't sound that hard, right?

Your goal is to collect four cards with matching numbers. Keep discarding cards to the other players, and you will also receive a new one. Also, move fast to make sure you form a pair before your opponents and collect points.

The cards are scored as follows:

- The Aces and 2-10 are worth: Five Points

- The Face Cards are worth: Ten Points

Keep this in mind to maximize your final score!

After you form a pair, you should grab one of the spatulas on the table as quickly as possible. At the same time, pay close attention to the others to see if they picked up the spatula to follow them. The last player that picks up the spatula will get stuck by the jellyfish. Not only it's painful, but three strikes, and you are out!

Are you ready to join the guys at the table and start the games? If so, let's get you out there and see what you've got. Besides luck, your reflexes are the key to winning this challenge! Can you handle it?