Sponge Star, Patrick Pants

Fix Sandy's teleporting machine in the Sponge Star, Patrick Pants game. Explore Bikini Bottom to accomplish all the small tasks leading to the main one!

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Sandy Cheeks' new experiment has yet taken another wrong turn in the Sponge Star, Patrick Pants game. In an attempt to become a world-famous scientist with a teleporting machine, she did not reach the desired result. Instead of switching SpongeBob's location with Patrick's, something very undesirable happened. More precisely, something did swap places, and, unfortunately, these things were their brains! 

SpongeBob's brain cannot stay forever in Patrick's body. That's why your help is indispensable for the tasks that will follow. To bring things back to some degree of normality, you have to find a way to fix the teleporting machine so that Sandy can reverse the process. Many little tasks need to be accomplished before SpongeBob can repair the real issue where everything began. 

How to Play

Because this is mainly a game based on exploration, the most essential tool you will be required to have is a keyboard. The Arrow keys are the ones that will become really handy when you want to go around the whole Bikini Bottom. You only need to press and hold them one at a time according to your heading.

Bikini Bottom is a very animated underwater sea. It has quite a large population, which for SpongeBob only translates as more friends for himself. And, since he is indeed a good friend, he really wishes to help everybody in need. On your quest to reverse Sandy's machine damage, you will have to interact using the Spacebar key. First, you need to place yourself facing the person you want to interact with and just then press the key.

There's more you should know

While doing so many little tasks, you might sometimes forget about the big picture of things. In these difficult times, you can always check your progress in SpongeBob's brain. Items you gained, Quest notes, Characters, and the precious Bikini Bootie can be verified at any time during the game. 

Clamu's shop is another great place you should visit at least later on in the game. There you can find all sorts of things such as Upgrades and Accessories. Unfortunately, nothing here is given out for free. The currency used by the seller is a little unusual, and by unusual I mean pearls! These are not that easy to find since they are quite scarce. You should make sure to check out every clam while exploring because they are surely hiding a pearl!

Good luck accomplishing all the tasks leading to the repair of the teleporting machine. Step by step, everything will come into place!