The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search

Try The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search game to meet every person in SpongeBob's hometown! How many buddies will you find using your handy helpers?

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About The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search Game

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In The Ultimate Bikini Bottom Buddy Search game, you can test your attention by trying to look for some of your heroes in a sea of people! For example, do you think you can spot Spongebob? Or what about his grandparents? Let's see if you can spot every last person!

You will have a list of people to find. Your job is to look through the crowd and see where everyone is. However, some might look alike, and you can get confused easily. Also, this might not be your only challenge, so focus up, and let's get to searching!

How to Play

The whole Bikini Bottom is out, but you should learn the controls before you meet them all. You only need to use your Left Click to pick the person you find off the list. Also, some challenges might require using extra equipment you can control with your Arrow Keys!

You will have five levels to clear, and here is a list with all of them:

 - Search 1: Spot the buddies in the crowd to fill your shelf with friends.

 - Search 2: Look for all the fidgeting friends.

 - Search 3: Find the buddies in the darkness with the help of a hungry anglerfish.

 - Search 4: Hunt for the buddies with the Krabby Patties in their tummies using the X-Ray glasses.

 - Search 5: Call the Search-Sub to look for the missing buddies.

The stages will be locked, so you can complete them only in order!

After finishing with the normal modes of the stages, you can try the challenge modes! For example, you will have to end the search before the time limit, with less than five misses, or use limited resources! However, you can win a medal if you clear these modes. Do you think you can win all five?

Are you ready to meet all people of Bikini Bottom and see if you can clear all the searches? Let's not waste any more time and get this adventure started!