Capture the Slime

Start a new exciting mission in the Capture the Slime game. Create a team and challenge yourself to gather as much slime as possible in the shortest time!

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About Capture the Slime Game

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A new quest has begun in the Capture the Slime game. Two teams have to compete against each other to get as much of the green mess as possible. But you have to be warned! This game is not suitable for a weak stomach! 

Many Nickelodeon cartoon characters have gathered to get a chance to play in this competition. They are all ready to accept this challenge and to bring all the necessary slime-filled containers. But they also need you to guide them to the loot and back to the base. 

First and foremost, you must know who you want to be your teammate. SpongeBob, Patrick Star, and other characters from many other shows can be picked. You will have to pick your hero, and a sidekick will be assigned to you. Click on the ones you like, and then it's time to start.

How to Play

If you want to explore the area to find the slime containers, you will need your keyboard for that. The Left, Right, and Up arrow keys will take care of any kind of movement you might need to make. You can run and jump all over the place until you find what you need!

Probably the most exciting part is the weapons. Because there will be an adversary team that will try to stop you from collecting your prey at all costs, you'll need to defend yourself somehow. You can use the Space Bar to launch attacks at them. A single shot will not make miracles, but, together with your sidekick, you might give some serious damage. 

If you are looking to create some tremendous damages, you can use the Team Attack. To do that, you must collect enough blue lightning to fill up the special attack bar. When there is plenty, simply press Z to start the mayhem. They won't know what hit them!

What else you should know

There are quite a lot of unusual objects around. For example, trampolines and geysers will either make you bounce around uncontrollably or catapult you very high. There are also teleporters, which will take you to random places on the map, whether you like it or not. 

But, amongst all these kind of funny things, there are also some dangers! The suckers will steal away your slime in a blink of an eye, and take to another place. Also, there are water pipes that will affect your life levels if you get wet!

All in all, this game is more than entertaining, it is a challenge! You should definitely try it out and see if you can handle the pressure!