Love Hurts!

Play Love Hurts! game, and keep SpongeBob away from Patrick Star’s wrath. Be vigilant, avoid the obstacles, and help them mend their friendship!

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About Love Hurts! Game

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Experience Valentine’s day with a twist in the highly entertaining Love Hurts! game. Things did not go as planned at the Carnival, and now SpongeBob has to deal with an angry Patrick.

The squared pants character forgot to bring his buddy a gift, and his feelings got hurt. Now, Patrick’s anger is getting out of control. While getting caught in his frustration, he forgets about their friendship and is set to teach SpongeBob a lesson. 

How to Play

The gameplay is quite straightforward. What you will have to do is to help SpongeBob run away from a rampant Patrick. Guide your favorite character around Bikini Bottom, making sure he does not get in trouble. 

The commands you will make use of are Right/Left to guide your yellow friend away from danger. Press Up to jump and Spacebar to throw. Be careful not to remain behind, as Patrick will catch you, and the game will end. 

Tips and Tricks

You will encounter many floating chocolates on your way. If you want to slow Patrick down, grab the chocolates and throw them at him. Time is not a problem here, and since there is no limit, make sure you keep a reasonable distance between the characters. 

For bonus points, pay attention to Sandy’s chocolate balloons, and crash them into the enraged sea-star. Beware of the red balloons. Coordinate your movements, so that they don’t interfere with your character. They may slow him down and make it easier for Patrick to step on SpongeBob. 

The game instructions will provide the necessary information for you to aid SpongeBob. A great friend is always there when needed! Although his reasons to be angry are justified, do your best to calm Patrick down!