Jellyfish Shuffleboard

Join SpongeBob and Sandy in the Jellyfish Shuffleboard game and win the challenge! Aim against the current, slide your jellyfish, and earn a high score!

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About Jellyfish Shuffleboard Game

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Are you ready to show off your skills and try Bikini Bottom's favorite activity? If so, give the Jellyfish Shuffleboard game a go, and join your underwater friends for a new challenge! SpongeBob and Sandy are ready to teach you all about the art of throwing jellyfish. Aren't you excited to make some unforgettable memories with your buddies?

If you're a master of skill-based missions, this is the game for you. Choose your favorite character, slide your jellyfish across the board, and win the challenge! Just make sure to control your strength. You don't want your push to be too strong!

How to Play

Grab your jellyfish and get ready to have some fun! Drag your mouse across the screen to lengthen or shorten the arrow. Once you finish aiming, click to push and let go! Sounds easy as pie so far, right?

To select your player, you must choose between SpongeBob and Sandy. After making your first choice, it's time to pick your play mode: Hi-Score Challenge or Versus Mode! For the first one, you will play by yourself and aim to set a new record. However, for the second option, you will face your opponent and try to win against him!

There's no time limit, so you don't have to rush. However, it's important to look at the water vane before each round; it will tell you which direction to aim for. Use the current to direct your jellyfish, and you'll earn a high score! If you're not careful, your item can slide right off the shuffleboard!

What else you should know

Can you collect the starfish that pop up? They are valuable power-ups and can multiply your score, give you extra points, or even additional turns.

Watch out for the -10 squares because they can decrease your score. Each time your jellyfish land on one, you will lose some points!

Prepare to learn all about Bikini Bottom's coolest game! SpongeBob and Sandy are ready to play, so what are you waiting for?