Picture Day Disaster

Play the Picture Day Disaster game and help SpongeBob get the perfect picture! Avoid water balloons, throw some back to gain points, and knock enemies!

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About Picture Day Disaster Game

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Join SpongeBob on a dangerous walk to Mrs. Puff's Boating School to have his picture taken in the Picture Day Disaster game! Your sponge friend is excited about the driving license picture, but he needs to look clean and fresh when doing it. However, the kids and other creatures in the neighborhood have a different plan! They're throwing ketchup-filled water balloons! Will SpongeBob escape the chaos on the streets immaculately?

Your job in this game is to keep SpongeBob as clean as possible and throw balloons at fish as he's going to get his picture taken! You need to be fast and play it smart or have great aim to complete this new challenge!

How to Play

You need to use your keyboard to help SpongeBob on his way. Here are the control keys and how you can use them:

- Left/Right arrow keys: Move around.

- Up arrow key: Jump.

- Down arrow key: Crouch.

- Spacebar: Throw water balloons.

Avoid getting hit by balloons, as they come from fish or other creatures like jellyfish, squid, and electric eels. Each hit will drain the health bar at the top of your screen and eventually make you lose one of your lives. After getting soaked in ketchup three times, it's game over!

You will need to travel through three neighborhoods to get to the Boating School:

 - SpongeBob's Neighbourhood;

 - Bikini Bottom Downtown;

 - The Seaweed Forest;

However, you must finish the first one to unlock the next, and so on.

There are also some bonuses you can collect to make your game more fun. For instance, if you throw your water balloon at the shining objects, they will activate, and you will get extra protection. Sometimes you can get multiple shots, or all the dirt on you will disappear.

When collecting Patrick's star, you will get a special power-up called Patrick's Stampede! You'll also receive more points every time you get five or ten hits in a row!

Are you ready to help SpongeBob have the best photo on his license? Make sure you bring your smile!