Bikini Bottom Blaster

Help SpongeBob deliver the Krabby Patties in the Bikini Bottom Blaster game! Shoot down Plankton's evil robots and reach the customers in time for dinner!

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About Bikini Bottom Blaster Game

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SpongeBob is delivering delicious Krabby Patties all over town in the Bikini Bottom Blaster game! Although he is usually Krusty Krab's cook, Mr. Krabs has tasked the friendly sponge with yummy deliveries to the hungry fish who couldn't come to the restaurant. However, Plankton plans to stop him by any means necessary! Will you join SpongeBob in his delivery quest?

Delivering delicious burgers and fighting Plankton's robots are your main tasks in this game! If your aim is good and you love smashing robots, this might be the perfect job for you! It just takes a little practice! Are you ready to destroy some androids?

How to Play

You need to use your mouse and keyboard to defeat Plankton's robots and deliver the burgers. All you have to do is move your cursor, aim your pickle gun at the dangerous machines, then click to shoot them. If you collected any pineapple bombs, press your Spacebar once to use them and blow the enemies in one go!

Each robot is different, and some will require more shots to be taken down! For example, you'll need to shoot the helicopter machines three or four times to eliminate them, while the ground ones only require one or two hits. Be careful, though! During the night, the robots will become tougher to fight!

If the machines reach you and explode, they will drain some of your health. You can replenish it by collecting the yellow hearts along the way. Another power-up you can grab is the three sauces, which will boost your gun from one shot at a time to three. When you come across the spork, collect it and beam all your enemies with one projectile!

Are you ready to deliver all the Krabby Patty orders and destroy Plankton's evil robot army? Shoot them all down before it's too late!