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About B.C. Bowling Game

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The competition is about to begin in the B.C. Bowling game! Do you remember SpongeGar and Patar, SpongeBob, and Patrick's prehistoric ancestors? Well, they're ready to smash some things, and you get to join their fun adventure! Do you have what it takes to help the two bowlers?

Prepare to show off your skills and aim towards the pins! Can you knock them all down in one shot? Your job is to help SpongeGar earn a high score and set a new record. Remember that the bowling alley is very slippery, so you must never lose control of the ball!

How to play the game

Get ready to start bowling! To knock down the pins, you must use your mouse and Left-click, then swing it towards. If you want to curve the ball as it moves, you can tap on the Left and Right Arrows on your keyboard. That doesn't seem too difficult, right?

SpongeGar will be the player, while Patar will keep track of his score. You have 10 frames to go through, so make sure to stay focused! You only get two tries to knock down the logs each time. Will you be able to set a new record?

The first step is to position yourself as close to the center as possible. After that, you have to aim at the pins and launch your ball. It's crucial to remember that your throw can slightly roll to the left or right. Once this happens, you must quickly curve it in the right direction!

Power-ups will sometimes appear on the floor, and you must roll your ball over them! The jellyfish will give you some extra points, while the starfish will multiply your score. However, the next two are even more useful. SpongeGar's primitive weapons can turn your ball into a log or even set the pins on fire!

Are you ready to improve your bowling skills? If so, grab your ball and help your underwater friends set a new record!

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