Legends of Bikini Bottom

Explore the mysterious underwater adventures in the Legends of Bikini Bottom game. Help SpongeBob and Patrick to accomplish the challenges in each chapter!

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About Legends of Bikini Bottom Game

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The Legends of Bikini Bottom game provides a multiple chapter adventure that will keep you on your toes. Enter the secret world at the Library, and discover a whole new universe full of fantastic stories! 

SpongeBob and his friend Patrick are quite excited to leap into the unknown and uncover the unbelievable legends of the sea. They embark on nine different journeys, most of which will enchant them. Your role will be to take good care of their safety.  

Here are the names of all the different expeditions your characters need to undergo :

•    Coral Colossus
•    Bumpin Bumpkin
•    Voodoo Un-Do
•    Suction Destruction
•    Were Squirrel
•    Goo Tsunami
•    Tartar Treachery
•    Pinata Pendulum
•    Pinatas Locas.

Be ready, because these adventures will rock your world! 

Every one of the games brings new adventures that your favorite partners need to complete. Team up with them, pay attention to the different instructions the games might have, and be the savior of the day!  

Play all the mini-games!

The commands you will work with are roughly the same for every game. Use the Right/Left arrow keys to guide the character in the correct direction. The Up/Down controls might vary depending on the situation you’re in, so instructions are quite important for your guidance.  
Moreover, the Spacebar may also be useful for some of the games. In the case of Voodoo Un-Do, this key will help SpongeBob take off Patrick’s mask. In Pinatas Locas, the spacebar control is applied to catch the colorful items.  

SpongeBob and Patrick will appear in most of the episodes, except for one. In Were Squirrel, your character will change, but don’t panic! Be careful not to scare the villagers and help the powerful Sandy break through rocks. 

Tips & Tricks

For many of the mini-games, obstacles will appear, making your experience even more challenging. On the screen, instructions will be shown to provide a combination of commands. You need to press the keys according to the pattern they appear in, or else you will lose.

For example, in the Coral Colossus chapter, Patrick might lose his balance and fall if the commands are not followed correctly. You need to press the arrows in the instructed fashion and help the Starfish regain his position.  

In Suction Destruction, press the keys in the right order to destroy the vacuum that threatens SpongeBob. The same goes for the case of Goo Tsunami. Right after you complete the rescue mission, make sure to press the Spacebar key. This will prevent your characters from being flooded.   

Join SpongeBob and Patrick in this new adventure, filled with mysteries and secrets that only time can reveal. Be careful, attentive, and wary of potentials threats. Once all the games are completed, you will be a hero. You will have helped the underwater duo bring all the secrets into the light!