Bubble Bros

Play the Bubble Bros game and defeat the robot anchovies that have taken over the town! Blow bubbles, trap the robots, and pop them to eliminate them!

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About Bubble Bros Game

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Join the two friends, Patrick and SpongeBob, on a fun quest against the robot anchovies in the Bubble Bros game! The machines have taken over Bikini Bottom and terrorized the residents of the lovely underwater town! It's up to SpongeBob and his best friend to stop the robots from wreaking havoc. They can only do that with the power of bubbles! Ready to blow the perfect bubbles and eliminate the invaders?

Your job is to navigate through the rooms, fight the evil robot anchovies by trapping them in bubbles and then pop them! The bubbles are unpredictable, so you'll need to master this skill before fighting the final boss! Can these two friends save their hometown together and restore peace?

How to Play

You can use your keyboard to activate your bubble magic and fight enemies. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Left / Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Blow bubbles.

Despite their unpredictable movement, you'll have to trap the anchovies in the bubbles you blow and run into them to pop them. However, before that, you must choose to do this as either SpongeBob or Patrick. Then, you need to fight the anchovy robots through the Jellyfish Plains' ten rooms. You'll be able to unlock the next level, Squidward's Factory, only after you defeat everyone in the current one.

At the end of each level, you will meet the final boss, the Big Mega Anchovy robot! Defeating them requires more attacks and damage. They also fight back by trying to run you over or sending missiles. Dodging is the only counter, so use your movement to your advantage. Try not to run out of lives when fighting, or it will be game over!

You can collect power-ups as you advance through the levels. For example, the red and blue bubbles will give you a temporary shield to use when attacked. The frozen patty and the shell offer extra points, while the golden spatula adds one more life to your gear!

Now that you know how to defeat the evil robots, will you manage to save Bikini Bottom with the power of your friendship? Onward we go!