Gesundheit Geyser

Play the Gesundheit Geyser game and help SpongeBob escape the lava pit! Tickle his nose with a feather and launch him over geysers without getting burned!

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Help SpongeBob escape the lava pit with the power of his sneeze in the Gesundheit Geyser game! Our favorite sponge has unfortunately fallen into a cave with lava geysers. He needs to escape before it's too late and the lava reaches him! However, he can only do so by sneezing! Will you help SpongeBob make it out in time?

Your goal is to help SpongeBob escape the lava pit by tickling his nose with a feather and launching him over the geysers with his sneeze! Who knew a sneeze could be so impressive? SpongeBob will leave the pit in no time!

How to Play

The lava geysers are dangerous, but you can avoid them every time by using your mouse. Click and hold to tickle SpongeBob's nose with a feather, then let go once the gauge is in the right spot to allow him to sneeze. If it's strong enough, it will get SpongeBob over the geysers before the lava catches up and harms him!

There is a meter that shows you the power of the sneeze and predicts how high the jump will be. The further away you jump, the better. However, make sure you don't stand too long on the geysers. They might pause their spewing for a few seconds to give you some time to breathe, but you must immediately move on, or they will burn SpongeBob!

Each time SpongeBob touches lava from a geyser or the floor, he can get burned. He will turn darker and gradually become black after a lot of burns! You can alleviate that by collecting and using fire extinguishers. If SpongeBob gets too burned, it's game over!

Are you ready to be brave and escape the doom of the lava pit with your friend SpongeBob? Achoo! No time to waste!