SpongeBob's Next Big Adventure

Get into your favorite Bikini Bottom character's shoes in the SpongeBob's Next Big Adventure game. Solve quests, unlock new places, and live a fish's life!

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About SpongeBob's Next Big Adventure Game

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Every day can become a captivating journey in the SpongeBob's Next Big Adventure game. Even though it might begin with the most ordinary things, like feeding his pet Gary the snail, SpongeBob is sure to find some exciting challenges to accomplish. His good-natured soul prompts him to help everybody!

What you need to pursue here is the natural flow of events that happen on a day of SpongeBob's life. You will need to accomplish quests launched by other cartoon characters living at the bottom of the sea. As you spread joy around, you will unlock many other famous places from the underwater city, and even more quests!

How to Play

Depending on the tasks you are assigned to do, you will need to use mainly your mouse. It might happen, though, that some mini-games within might ask you to use your keyboard, more specifically the Arrow keys. 

The game starts with the break of dawn when SpongeBob wakes up. When the new wonderful day begins, you will be able to explore the surroundings by clicking around on the screen. SpongeBob will follow immediately towards the specified place. In the same manner, if you wish to interact with other characters, or use objects, you must proceed the same way.

You may notice that, above some characters, there might be a bouncing exclamation mark. If you do, then lo and behold! A new quest is about to unravel. You must rush and see what they need, whether it is help, or maybe an invitation! If a mission is opened, a little pin will appear on the screen. It is called the Active Quest Pin, and it helps you by keeping track of your progress in your endeavor.

The adventures never stop!

As you open new quests and begin new adventures, you will unlock other territories on the Bikini Bottom Map. This will lead to even more adventures, as new characters unfold. Moreover, after completing a quest, you will gain experience points and sometimes even rare items that will come in handy later on.

Besides quests, there are also Careers and Activities to play! By playing in any of these two, SpongeBob can earn money that he can use later on. The Careers are games that imitate the jobs the citizens of Bikini Bottom have. For instance, Mr. Krabs will pay you to prepare the famous Krabby Patties according to the recipe! On the other hand, Activities are usually only fun games, like carnival ones. They might seem easier to play and have even better awards!

If you feel lost, you can check the map to travel faster. There all the areas you have unlocked are laid out in one place. You might need it even for quests that require you to search for missing objects. They might be hiding anywhere!

Any SpongeBob fan will enjoy playing this game that transports you into his character. You can now be into his shoes and think and act like your favorite character to solve quests for him and his underwater friends!