Barnacles! My Face!

Help SpongeBob and his friends regain their normal appearance in the Barnacles! My Face! Game. Solve the puzzle and break the curse before it's too late!

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About Barnacles! My Face! Game

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A terrible disease has taken over Bikini Bottom in the Barnacles! My Face! Game. The town's folks were minding their daily business when a caravan arrived in town. The circus men promised a spectacular show for the evening, as well as little souvenirs for everyone: photographs that come to life! It surely kept the folks talking, but only until the caravan left.

The moment that they reached the outskirts of the town, a strange phenomenon happened: all the people's faces began to melt away or contort in gruesome shapes. Your job is to help them put up their faces back in place. Resolve the puzzles and reconstruct their figure, so they can live a normal life again!

What do you say, would you care to help your friends in their time of need?

How to Play

Everyone is affected, even grumpy Squidward and Plankton. Well, while we might want to let Plankton live the rest of his life with a face to match his evil personality, we can't be that cruel. Otherwise, we would be no different than him. 

Click on the pieces and drag them to the puzzle board to complete the face. You'll have to use your imagination and assume each piece's correct place. Once you do that, it's time for the second stage of treatment.

The parts will now mix up on the board, twirl, and transform to mimic the cursed mask. Tap and rotate them using the mouse to reveal the gruesome, horrifying faces.

You've only got a couple of seconds to do all of these tasks, so don't hesitate! The quicker you resolve the challenges, the bigger the bonus time you'll get at the end of the stage. As the gameplay progresses, the levels will get increasingly harder, and more pieces will be added to the puzzle.