Bikini Bottom Bust Up

Help SpongeBob become a karate master in the Bikini Bottom Bust Up game! Throw kicks, punches, and dodge your enemies' attacks to become the champion!

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About Bikini Bottom Bust Up Game

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The championship is on in the Bikini Bottom Bust Up game! SpongeBob is ready to compete against his friends, but he needs your help to win the brawl. Can you help him become a Ka-ra-te master and showcase his skills in the ring? If so, get prepared because Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward, are eager to take you down!

Are you ready to lend the cute sponge a hand with this classic fighting challenge? Everyone is competing in the Bikini Bottom karate championship, and you must win every round! To do this, you must throw kicks, punches, or your powerful special attack. Drain the opponent's health and avoid all incoming hits to earn your victory!

How to Play

It's time to show off your skills! To control SpongeBob's movements, you only need to use your keyboard. Tap on the S and D keys to throw some punches or the Left and Right Arrows to dodge. You can also combine these keys to kick or press the Space bar for a special attack!

Is it your first time competing in the tournament? If so, you must begin with the Newbie Mode. This mission will help you train and improve your skills. Once you win the three battles, you will unlock the Champ Mode and compete against black belt fighters!

Martial arts are all about patience, so you shouldn't rush! Take your time to analyze your opponent's moves and swing to the left or right to dodge them. If you act rashly, you might end up getting hit!

What else you should know

To win each round, you must drain the other brawler's health and defeat him. This is why you must also keep your eyes on SpongeBob's Soak-o-meter, and don't let it become too red! If you lose the fight, it's game over. However, if you can keep the bar full, you can use your special attack against your opponent!

Remember that there's a scoring system in place, so each move will earn you some points. Practice your Karate Chops, Kicks, and Dodges, and make sure to use them all! The more varied your attacks are, the higher your score will be. This is how you can become the champion!

Well, what are you waiting for? SpongeBob is counting on you to help him compete in the tournament! This is a sure way to earn your black belt!