Plankton's Patty Plunder

Great, new challenges arise in the exciting Plankton's Patty Plunder game! Play as the skillful Karen and help Plankton steal the famous Krabby Patty!

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The Krabby Patty is once again in danger in the impressive Plankton’s Patty Plunder game! He and Karen are going after Mr. Krabs’ beloved formula, and tension is building in the kitchen! With much effort, Plankton came with a plan to steal Bikini Bottom’s culinary marvel, but he needs your help!

He plans to put himself in a bubble, and travel across the venting system of the Krusty Krab! It seems crazy, right? Well, he is in good hands! Karen has learned how to navigate the situation! She cracked Krusty Krab’s system and figured out how to turn fans on and off! However, this is quite challenging, and she needs your assistance!

How to Play

The game is quite straightforward and requires only your mouse to play. You playing as Karen means that you are Plankton’s right hand and the main help of stealing the wanted patty! To turn the fans on and off, you have to click on the red buttons! This is a challenging mission as the mischievous character can get stuck quite easily and needs airpower to catapult across the system!

However, pay great attention to obstacles! This stealing mission is challenging on many levels, and Plankton’s plan might not always succeed! You need to be careful about spikes that are placed around the venting pipes! This can burst Plankton’s bubble and cause the game to end!

Also, along your way, parts of the venting pipes and columns are missing or are suspended! You have to press the red chain to get them released and to get Plankton moving across the room! Be careful, as usually spikes are placed under the elevated platforms! If Plankton falls, the game will stop!

Every day new challenges arise in Bikini Bottom! You have to help Plankton steal the famous patty and bring a little bit of fun chaos to the underwater town! Make sure to focus and have a good time!