Orange Carpet Dash

Help SpongeBob cool off on his way to the awards show in the Orange Carpet Dash game! Switch lanes and grab cold items to avoid the summer heat!

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SpongeBob must keep cold on his way to the awards show in the Orange Carpet Dash game! The Kids' Choice Awards always happen in the summer, so whenever SpongeBob and his friends attend, they need to find new ways of cooling off. Will a bite of ice cream, a cold pineapple drink, or a fancy pair of sunglasses be enough for the friendly sponge to fight off the heat? It's up to you to find out!

Your job is to help SpongeBob switch lanes and collect items to keep cool in the summer fever. This game is about timing and fast movement, so don't let any obstacle interrupt your chase for the cold!

How to Play

To grab all the cold items, use your keyboard. With the help of the Up and Down arrow keys, SpongeBob can switch between the orange carpet lanes and collect the summer objects that will keep him cool! The more items you grab, the easier it'll be to continue running and fight off the scorching heat!

The heat meter at the top of your screen is slowly depleting as SpongeBob runs. You can collect cold items or avoid the sun by ducking under the clouds to keep the meter from running empty. If you don't manage to cool SpongeBob down with anything, the heat will get to him, and it'll be game over.

Another aspect you must pay attention to is the obstacles along the way. The orange carpet ride isn't as smooth as it should be, and funky cacti will appear here and there to stump you. Not only that, but they will take away a chunk of your heat meter if you touch them. However, you can easily avoid them by switching lanes in time!

Now that you know how to handle the heat, can you help SpongeBob cool off before the awards show? The burning sun won't stand a chance against you!