Krabby Patty Crisis

Don't let the hungry customers invade the restaurant in the Krabby Patty Crisis game. Help SpongeBob launch burgers at them to satisfy their hunger!

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Help! The customers are invading the restaurant in the Krabby Patty Crisis game! They are exceedingly hungry and cannot wait a moment longer for SpongeBob to serve them. If they do not eat something quick, they might even tear the whole place to pieces. You must act fast and do something before anything catastrophic happens!

To make the angry customers go away, you must give them what they want: the delicious Krabby Patties. You will have to throw the food at them to make them go away. Otherwise, they will help themself with the burgers, and Mr. Krabs will not be happy if he loses money!

How to Play

Mobility will be the best skill that you can have for such a challenge. That is why your keyboard will come in handy! Because the clients will come in waves towards the kitchen, you must move quickly from one place to another to cover a large area of vulnerability. More than that, you alone have to defend everything because your friend, Patrick Star, seems to have fallen asleep!

The keys you will use to move are mostly the Left and Right arrow keys. You must stand behind the yellow line, closer to the counter that you have to defend at all costs! Now, concerning the attack, your ammo will consist mainly of Krabby Patties. They are enough to keep everybody happy and at bay. To launch the burgers, you only need to press the Space Bar.

As you play, you might also receive other types of ammo. These can be Frye Bye, Pickler, or Sticky! Each of these will have a different effect on the target, and you can switch between them using the B key. The first one is slightly more powerful than the Regular Krabby Pattie, as a single shot is worth five regular patties! 

The next one is the Pickler gun, which shoots pickle juice when fired. Being so gross, it drives away any customer instantly. The only downside to it is that you will not receive any money! The last gun blasts sticky ketchup to the floor, which will keep the clients still for a little while. They will not go away, though, it will barely save you some time.

You should also know.

Because the demand is so high, SpongeBob cannot possibly make Krabby Patties and serve them simultaneously. This means that, eventually, you can even run out of burgers to throw! You must make sure that your aim is as precise as possible to not waste the ammo. Fortunately, one in a while, piles of burgers will pop behind the yellow line. You can collect them and replenish the stocks! 

You should do your best to stop the incoming clients before they reach the yellow line. If one of them does get there, though, it will not be a big problem because it functions as a barrier. Once it is touched, however, it will disappear, leaving you unprotected!

You'll have a great time keeping these hungry customers at bay and training your aiming skills!