Monster Island Adventures

Help SpongeBob deliver his delicious Krabby Patties in the Monster Island Adventures game! Defeat the monsters using Smell, Sight, or Sound attacks!

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About Monster Island Adventures Game

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SpongeBob needs your help in an expedition in the Monster Island Adventures game! The Krusty Krab team received an unusual order this morning: 100 Krabby Patties for a Mysterious Customer on an abandoned island. But is it really abandoned?

Your job is to help them survive this mysterious and possibly dangerous quest. Monsters have been spotted all across the coast! So SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy Cheeks, and Patrick might be in danger! Help them defeat those villains and keep the Patties safe until delivery. What do you say, are you in for this adventure?

How to Play

According to the map, the Krusty team will have to go through six places on the island to reach their destination.  Let’s start at Sandy Shores and see what adventures may await there!

Your main task is to protect the Krabby Patties from being eaten by monsters. Once the first battle starts, you should use the Mouse to fight your opponent. Use the panel on the right side of the screen to switch between characters.

Each character has unique moves and attacks. Use them to defeat the monster. Some are already available, some you will have to unlock as you advance through the game. 

Now, each attack is destined to a certain sense: Sight, Smell, or Sound. You can see a little icon next to each move, indicating its type.

Every monster has a weakness. You should try to match your attack according to its soft spot for maximum effects. At the top left corner of the game, you can see the monster’s stats and his type of weakness. 

You should also know … 

The easiest way to defeat a monster is to get him really angry. The more Bubbles you will blow in his face or the more Noise you will make, the more annoyed it will become and will eventually run away.

Great job! For each match you win, you will earn one Level Point. You can spend them to unlock new outfits and abilities for your characters.

For each character, you can choose their costumes from the three main categories: Sound, Smell, or Sight attacks. You can equip one character with more abilities or train for a specific type of attack. It’s your choice!

Be careful! Some abilities take turns to cool down after being used. They won’t recharge until the timer above them hits zero. You will also be able to upgrade specific costumes, once you earn some more Level Points. They will get stronger and recharge faster.

Now that you know how to play, let’s adventure into this mysterious island! Ready?